Winter Activities

  • Snow Shoeing at Jack's Cabin

         Jack's Cabin is a great place to stay to unlock some of the most beautiful snow shoeing in the State of Michigan. While enjoying your stay at Jack's Cabin you will have access to snow shoe and cross country trails that can be accessed from Jack’s Cabin property making short trips very convenient...

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  • Jack's Cabin a Snowmobilers Paradise

         Jack's Cabin, just outside of De Tour, Michigan is a great location for your next snowmobile getaway! The comfort of this warm and elegant cabin in Michigan's Upper Peninsula is unmatched and its access to the great north is one of a kind. Your stay at Jack's Cabin during any season is unmatched but the winter season in the Upper Peninsula is one of a kind. In this article we would like to showcase possible winter activities that you may experience to the fullest at Jacks Cabin.

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